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Youth United Day Feedback

Quotes from attendees of Youth United Day from Haslingden High

‘Youth United day was a great experience and I hope I can go on a day like this again. There was brilliant stuff in the goodie bags such as; a scarf, chocolate and a badge. The match was great FC United drew 2:2 with their opponents. Youth united Day was fantastic!’

Reece Brooks, Year 8, Haslingden High.

‘Going to see FC United was very enjoyable. I especially liked going to the church and making a giant banner for the players to sign, it made me laugh when the players were warming up and I saw our banner on the pitch being signed. That day brought me and my friends closer together and it was one of the best days ever.’

Emily Green, Year 8, Haslingden High.

‘We drew 2:2 in the end but the match was great and we had great fun! I would definitely go again if I had the chance!’

Lauren Bolton, Year 8, Haslingden High.

‘The players were really nice; they were signing our banner with no hassle. The food was great and quite cheap outside the stadium. They had some really good activities outside like penalty shootout and higher or lower. Inside we all said the atmosphere was great. Everybody finished off by saying ‘WHAT A GAME!’

Shahrukh Khan and Abdul Amin, Year 8, Haslingden High.

‘It was a great experience and I really enjoyed the penalty shootout. The burger van was great. The match was really tense and the atmosphere really good. There was constant singing from the west stand which was awesome. You really get the feeling that people have put everything into this team. I am now following them and go to all the home games. I can’t wait until the next one!

Angus Dominy, Year 8, Haslingden High.

The coach arrived, my belly was in knots. I sat in a seat next to Amin the knots getting tighter. When we arrived the smell hit you, it wasn’t a bad smell, oh no! This was the smell of the burger van. We walked to Bethesda church where we made a huge banner out of three sheets of large card. We got a goody bag full of fair trade stuff and healthy food. We went back to Gigg Lane and I got a cheeseburger that tasted better than it smelt as well as keeping my hands warm! We played penalty shootout then entered the ground where we were given another goodie bag! The atmosphere in the crowd was ecstatic. Mr Birtwistle, my teacher got onto the pitch, he can talk his way out of anything, and all the players signed our banner. When we scored the crowd was roaring and scarves were being swung around. We waited for the coach and then we were back at school. It was the best day of my life. So far.

Matthew Leicester, Year 8, Haslingden High.

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