At FC United we are grateful to our supporters for their continuing financial input into our club and helping spread the word about our campaign to give fans a voice in football and how sport can be used to improve our local communities. Most of us know someone who has expressed support for what we are doing and the TREASURELINE creates an opportunity for those people to help us achieve our aims. Supporters can take part in the TREASURELINE draw if they wish. However, we believe the draw is an ideal way for supporters' families, friends and colleagues to also get involved in helping the club financially while being in with the chance of winning some substantial cash prizes themselves. So please pass this leaflet on to anyone you think might be interested in joining the TREASURELINE draw and ask them to sign up.

WIN £1,000 each and every week 52 weeks of the year, plus 4x£100, 4x£50, 4x£25 and lots of other smaller prizes

Week 33 16 12 2013
£1000 Winner B6782 - Mrs Hilton
£100 Winners £50 Winners
Q4995 - Mrs Mary Davies
C1101 - Mrs Hesford
J2886 - Mr A Parker
D3793 - Mrs Darcy
B0486 - Mr P Rigby
C4211 - Mr Sherlock
H1429 - Sharon Keelan (FC)
D5568 - Brenda Bridge
£25 Winners £10 Winners
B3132 - Mrs P Murphy
L2020 - Mr Moore
G7029 - Mr Nicholas Hollowell (FC)
J6148 - Mr Bailey
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