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Supporting Achievement in Secondary Schools

Setting Targets - Achieving Goals

This is the title we have given to a day long session aimed at students who are struggling to find the motivation to do well in school but like a game of football.

The aim of the day is to have an impact on the thinking of students so that they view education more positively and to provide a framework for learning mentors to continue to support students in achieving their goals.

The day itself is delivered at The Manchester College's Nichol Street campus by the manager of FC United of Manchester and a qualified teacher. It is suitable for between 10 and 16 youngsters who should be accompanied by a learning mentor (or mentors) who will be working with the students in the medium term future.

The sessions are made up of;

  • Football training with an emphasis on quick acquisition of skills.
  • Session on how footballers set themselves targets with examples from FC United players.
  • A meal in the The Manchester College canteen and a visit to the The Manchester College junior common room.
  • An IT session looking at the The Manchester College website in which students find a course they would like to do and identify the qualifications they need to be accepted onto that course.
  • More football!

By the end of the day students will;

  • Have come up with targets they have set themselves to be better footballers and achieve their goals in education.
  • Have recorded these targets for future reference.
  • Have a free ticket to come to an FC United game.
  • Have had a fun day out, improved their football skills and their self-esteem.

Accompanying Learning Mentors will leave with;

  • Some materials to use with these students in the weeks ahead
  • A chance to agree some medium-term targets with students. If, a few weeks later, learning mentors agree that students have met these targets, those students will be invited back to another FC United game, this time as a VIP guest with a chance to meet the manager again and be introduced to the players before or after the game.

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