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General Meeting 2009 - date announced

FC United of Manchester’s 2009 General Meeting is to be held on Sunday 29th March 2009. Venue and time to be confirmed.

The Notice of the General Meeting will be sent to members at least 21 clear days before the date of the meeting.

If you wish to submit a resolution for consideration at the GM, Rule 24 of the Club’s Constitution provides that notice of that resolution must be given in writing to the Club no later than noon 35 days before the date of the meeting, therefore by no later than 21st February 2009.

Rule 24 also provides that the member giving notice of the proposed resolution must also give the Club his or her justification for that proposed resolution, as well as its form and content, and that the notice of the resolution must be signed by the proposer as well as five other members. The Board also asks that the members signing the proposed resolution give their full names and membership numbers, so that their memberships may be verified, and that the proposer give his or her full name, membership number and telephone number. Any members intending to submit proposed resolutions are strongly urged to read Rule 24 of the Club’s Constitution.

Membership for the 2008/09 season will close on Tuesday 24th February 2009 and reopen after the General Meeting.

Only members over the age of 16 are able to attend and vote at the GM.

13-02-2009 at 11:09

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