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CYCM - A stew and a brew

This week’s popular music band playing at Course You Can Malcolm’s for 22 minutes are The Witches. They’ve no myspace or anything for you electronic noseys, so you’re goosed and will have to take our word for it. We got them like this:-

A few assorted Reds and odd-carriers were invited to the Akoustic Anarky Christmas do at the Gardens Hotel. The Witches were playing the event. A good Red who helps run the above show recommended that we come and see them.

There was a few bands on, on what is traditionally a nice Manchester night out as ‘Aa’ have been going for six or seven years and have a very good reputation. Personally I have to admit that when The Witches started their five song set I struggled to get past their very strong stage presence. They are visually very distinctive. There’s a ‘118 118’ about them with highly unusual headwear, beads, necklaces, eyeliner, open-shirts-that-could-very-well-be-blouses and some very skinny Ramone legs. They’d stand out if we were playing at Anfield or Elland Road.

Then they won me over by the end of the set. Or did they? I still wasn’t sure. When I went back to re-join the company of people with good musical taste they assured me they were smart. Beyond smart. And they are right at the beginning of their musical meander and causing that fuss that goes about. And that’s good enough for us. And they’re really nice blokes, so again, if we’re setting ourselves out as a Manchester pre-match venue for new bands to showcase to all, then The Witches fit very nicely into that. I’m sure they will divide opinion. Nothing wrong with that as Veron proved. You will not forget them once you have seen them that is guaranteed.

What won’t divide opinion is the presence, again, of the £2 tater hash and pie crust, £1 whimberry charlottes, £1 cheese and onion pies, £2 Manchester IPA, 660ml Westons cider at £3 or two-for-a fiver, Super Bok at £2 or three-for-a-fiver, and German lagers at £2 or three-for-a-fiver. Also this week, despite assurances that it was going to be there previous weeks, is the Chocolate Marble stout from Marble Brewery. We’ve had to wait a little bit for our own bit of stout fermented just for us but we’ve got it at last. It’s organic and it’s delicious and again Manchester brewed. It’s a bit dearer than the IPA because it’s organic and because it’s a stout. Guinness is lager priced after all. We’ve priced it at £3 a pint bottle or two for a fiver making it cheaper for you to buy at Malcolmses than the brewery that brews it. Give it a go it’s divine. And all the money goes to this great club of ours.

The last Malcolmses, where Gideon Conn was the crowd wooer, saw the introduction of the cruelly coined ‘carrot corner’ where a fan does a big, homemade pan of a veggie option. Chris Boulderstone did a veggie curry and naan and kindly donated all the proceeds to the club. This week Martin Morris is doing a three bean chilli with a sprinkling of nachos subject to his partner not selfishly giving birth before the game. Due to health and safety all Reds who buy these lovely veggie homemade products have to be made aware that they are for donation only.

Instead of having a bit of a turn on before the musical turn we are having the aforementioned Martin Morris doing a two minute talk on the Development Fund, the enormity of things it can achieve for us and the importance of the drive to get our fiver-a-months. Once you see his grid on stage you won’t be too shocked or feel offended when this odd-man from the board breaks into your company and asks you to fill in the Standing Order form. There and then would be great and he can take it off you. So bring your cards. You know you’ve been meaning to. We’re all gormless and mean to – I’ve not done mine yet. Shame on me. I will Saturday though.

And that’s about it. Usual rules and conditions apply. Members only with members able to sign one guest in. Doors open 1pm. Get there very early as the usual lock-out is turning out to be the usual, usual, usual lock-out. Drink sensibly, eat sensibly, act sensibly and support the Reds unsensibly when you get out there.

Fraternally yours,

The CYCM odd-carriers.

11-01-2008 at 17:43

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