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CYCM. It's not the kick-off that carries you off

CYCM. It’s not the kick-off that carries you off, but the kick-off-in that they carry you off in…

“Sometimes the football just gets in the way of a good session.” There will be precious few Reds, who match attend, that have not said that sentence. Tomorrow if the game gets called off there’s an opportunity.

The first team have not played at Gigg Lane for a million months or so. The home pre-game socialising that we all do has been somewhat curtailed by the elements of late. Tomorrow we have fought back against the brrster-chusterr weather we are having. We’ve negotiated with Bury that we can have Course You Can Malcolm’s open whether the game goes ahead or not.

This means that from 12 o’clock til 4.45 the space is as red as a red bob note. The mega stall outside is still ours, the beers inside are still ours, the food is still ours, Pete Crowther selling ‘our club our rules’ is still ours, the NorthWest Comedian of the year for last year, Vice Atta, is still ours, the next Mancunian band to make it – International One – are still ours, the red don-reverie is still ours.

All the volunteers who do the turnstiles, programme, reception and a hundred other matchday joey jobs have the opportunity to matchday socialise. The Main Stand can at last come in. I personally think that every Manchester Road End person should buy a pint for each Main Stand person who comes in CYCM as a sign of seasonal goodwill, like that Christmas day trench thing that happened in the First World War, and also to show them respect for their fine held principles of loving their stand.

Anyone who wants to emphasise the fun in fundraising can come in. Actually, even those who want to welcome the ‘undr’ in fundraising are welcome.

Margy and the play-off-placers will be there, they won’t be topping the bill obviously. Margy doing keepy-uppies? The team giving us a song in kind recognition of the songs we’ve sang them? As anyone got a karaoke machine for the last hour? Has anyone got subbuteo? As we could have a derby game going on in one corner and that’ll be the football sorted. We’ve got dominoes. We’re sure other ideas for entertainment will be raised over the next 24 hours.

It might work. It might not. I remember that being said in May and June of 2005. Bring your fine self home. A prize of immense credibility to those who mug their other half that the game is still on.

Fraternally yours,

The Course You Can Malcolm odd carriers.

2---1-2007 at 23: 0

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