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An office and a gentleman

If there’s anybody who wants to run in the last few gallons of paint then you know where we are this Sunday. All the walls and ceiling are white and the windows and rads are black. Unfortunately, without the red paint on the floor it looks a bit like Rio Ferdinand’s mock tudor garage. That’s if Rio Ferdinand had a mock tudor garage. Which he possibly has.

Bring a roller and a paint tray because Nurse ‘Anne’ nightingale and revising Claire will be there. You’ll also find Two Bob and John ladders, the rum Hunts, Paula the human paint mop, Si with the snide FIFA cards, Gary bigbag, C’n’D, Benchill Kenny and one-tooth-Lenny, Scott and his son Blaine, Josephine 90, Franky the mancy, late, late Les and not-that-handy-Andy and a whole series of other roll end and oddments who have made up the Wahey Team.

As someone said at the Newcastle Town away game last season “Same old faces.”

But one man is still missing. ‘T shirt and shorts man’ who came one week, painted the neatest window that’s ever been painted in the history of neat window painting then ducked out. And he’s never been back. We’ve named that corner of the room ‘T shirt and shorts man corner.’ Please comeback you T shirted and shorted gentleman. Love will lift you up where you belong.

Get there from 10.30am onwards. Any later than eleven and you might have to get the lift with late, late Les. And he’s got gas. Finish 2.30ish and off for refreshments.

1---1-2007 at 22: 1

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