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Eat us INTO house and home

We need a stadium. We need a home. YOU need your butties. Whether you lunch, scoff your jock, eat yer scran or chippy it at work, we all grab a bite at midday.

The average value of a working persons’ lunch in the UK is £6.25. OVER SIX QUID! Imagine how quickly our new stadium will grow if each of us every month put a single day’s lunch money into a standing order towards a ground! So here’s an idea ....ONE day each month, bring some sandwiches. Or soup. Or a pot noodle or last night’s leftovers or nick a colleague’s, but you get the picture, right?

If 500 of us can pledge £5 per month to the Development Fund via standing order, that’s 30 grand per year!!!! Alongside all the other fundraising activities you lovely reds are already up to, the place is gonna build itself at that rate!

Why standing orders?

Dead simple. Consistency. We need a steady trickle of cash to keep building on the hard work you lot have already put in. 500 standing orders of a fiver a time will raise £150,000 over the next five years. These are the kind of figures we need to be reaching and there isn’t one solid reason why we can’t.

So get on board now and if you already are; what else can you do to help?

Well, try wholegrain, low fat spread and a yoghurt for afters... You wanna be in good shape for that opening home game don’t you?!

What else can you do to help?

The FC United Development Fund Group meets monthly - from now on in our new club office. At these meetings plans for a stadium can quite literally become concrete. But only with your help.

The next meeting takes place on Thursday 10th January (but normally held on the first Thursday of each month). Kick off time will be announced when details are sorted.

If you cannot make meetings and have any ideas on how we can raise money and PLAY IN OUR OWN FOOTBALL GROUND ONE DAY SOON… please contact Martin on 07973 618 146 or email [email protected]

12-12-2007 at 16:03

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