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Football and Healthy Eating Day for Primary Schools

FC United of Manchester are offering primary schools a day's activities combining football with some active healthy eating lessons

The day is aimed at Years 5 and 6.

It is delivered by the Manager of FC United's first team, which has just been promoted for the third successive season, and a qualified teacher and uses specially prepared materials including three large tarpaulin sheets depicting the eat-well plate which lend themselves to a number of active games involving decisions about healthy food

The format of the day is:

  • Assembly on who are FC United ?
  • Two hour session for one class split into the following activities;
    1. games based on classifying food to achieve a balanced diet using the eat-well plate
    2. Warm up and stretching exercises used by FC United players
    3. Team building games
    4. Football-based activities accessible to pupils of all ablities
    5. creative activities - what is healthy food?
  • Two hour session for a second group

The day can be adapted for schools with only one target class and for younger age groups

What do we need the school to provide?

  • A DVD player for the assembly and screen and projector if available
  • An outdoor area, field or playground
  • Access to an indoor hall if the weather is poor
  • A classroom with plenty of coloured pencils and felt tips available for the creative tasks

How do I book this session?

Please contact FC United directly by sending an e-mail to . Please include the following information in your e-mail;

  • The dates you would like the session to be delivered (in order of preference)
  • The class or classes you would like the session to be delivered to
  • The timings of your school day
  • Brief information about the outdoor facilities at your school
  • A contact name, e-mail address and number.

FC United will then get back to you to organise the session.

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