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Development Fund Information


NEWSFLASH: The DF is pleased to announce, that the Target of £100,000 for the year, Aug 07 - Aug 08 has now been reached.  With £41000 already guaranteed for next season via standing orders, that leaves £59000 to raise to match our wonderful target.  A great effort by everyone.

The Development Fund Explained 

We’re now into our third year as a football club and with each passing season the realisation that we need our own home grows stronger.


The club are already in the early stages of planning our eventual move to our own ground, crucial to which is the input of the club’s members.


Early estimates put the cost of building our own club facilities, including a stadium, at £6m - £8m.


As with the purchase of any home, FC United need to raise a deposit; the Development Fund has been set up to raise that deposit.


How Much Money Do We Need & How Can I Help? 

With a season 2007-2008 target of £100,000 and an overall target of £500,000, the Development Fund needs the help of every FC United fan. The Development Fund needs you! Only with your help will the dream of playing in our own ground become a reality. 

Fundraising will take various forms and will be co-ordinated by the club’s Development Fundraising Group, which will meet regularly to plan events, drive fundraising initiatives and review our progress towards the £100,000 target for the season.


Get Involved! 

If you have any ideas about how the club can raise money for the Development Fund then please get in touch or come along to Development Fundraising meetings, where you can get help and advice from fellow supporters or get involved in other people’s fundraising events or ideas.

Next Meeting - This will take place in March, date and time to be confirmed.

If you cannot come along to meetings then please contact us and let us know your ideas so we can put them into action and take a step closer to playing in our own ground.

The DF can be contacted  via the contact form, should you have an idea but may find it difficult to submit and or run with the event.  No idea should be wasted.




Paying Into The Development Fund

If you wish to make a contribution to the development fund, or set up a standing order, the bank account details are as follows

FC United of Manchester Development Fund
Barclays Bank
Account No. 80747785
Sort Code. 205534  

Forthcoming Events 


This website is one of the places where you can keep up-to-date with Development Fund events


Please also look out for Development Fund events and fundraising activities, either around FC United games or at locations around Greater Manchester.


The programme, this website and newsletters will list forthcoming Development Fund events so look out for them and please get involved.



Got an idea to raise funds?

FC United's Development Fund Group meet monthly to review the progress of fundraising events. These meetings are where you can get involved with fundraising initiatives. Details of the next meeting can be found here.

Also, if you have an idea let us know what it is and whether you need help organising it. Anyone with ideas are asked to submit a proforma.

Proformas Explained

The Club's fundraising target for season 2007-2008 is £100,000. In order to track the progress of fundraising and to ensure that each idea is given as much help and resource as possible the Development Fund Group have devised a proforma, a one page summary of every fundraising event and idea.

Proformas provide the group with an overview of your idea, the resources needed to make it a success and the likely monies raised by the event or idea so we know how near we are to our target.  Proformas can be downloaded here.