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FC United Cashback Scheme

Raise funds for your community group and get to support FC United too

FC United of Manchester offers a cashback scheme to community groups on tickets purchased through the club.

How does cash back scheme work ?

A community group such as a sports or junior football club or even a school orders and purchases tickets for an FC United game of their choice on behalf of the members of their organisation and FC United will donate half the cost of tickets directly to the community group.

Who can apply for tickets?

Any community group can apply for tickets but tickets must be ordered and purchased in advance of the match.

How will the refund be given ?

The organisation must have a bank account as the refund to the community group will be paid by cheque.

How much notice must we give to order tickets ?

We would prefer seven days notice but we can turn tickets around sooner if needs be

Why does FC United offer this scheme ?

FC United sees the scheme as an extension of our community work, the club recognises that it is difficult for community groups to raise extra cash and groups are often looking for innovative ways of raising funds which will interest members. The cashback scheme raises money for community groups as well as giving a great day out at a match. FC United benefits by spreading the word about the club to new audiences, hopefully some of those who attend their first FC United game via this scheme will enjoy themselves enough to come back at a future date.

Is there any restriction on the number of tickets available through the scheme?

There are no restrictions on the number of times a group can apply through the scheme or on the number of tickets that a group can purchase. We have had junior football clubs that have brought different groups of players to a number of different games. A squad of young players from a football club with accompanying adults will typical raise between £50 and £100 cash for their club.

Can we buy tickets for any game ?

Yes. All league home games are open to the scheme only cup games are unavailable due to the restrictions laid down by the competition

How do I apply for tickets ?

Contact the club by telephone 0161 273 8950 or by email

So what are you waiting for? Choose your match and get a party of people together from your community group or school for the next home game, support FC United and support your community group.

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