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FCUoM Inaugural Extraordinary General Meeting

Report from the Steering Group July 5 2005

The Steering Group of FC United of Manchester would like to ensure that all members are aware of the key developments made so far. Before doing so, the Steering Group would first like to thank all those who have joined, pledged, paid, advised, moaned, trialled and volunteered for boring jobs - quite simply we wouldn’t be here today without you.

Below we outline progress made to date on the key issues of developing the club. We have had to take a lead on these tasks due to the very tight timetable in which the club has been formed but we have consulted with the membership whenever possible. However, we would like to make it clear that the future of the club and its further progress will be dependent on the active involvement and participation of its members - whether that is volunteering for jobs, offering services, organising meetings, getting new supporters joined up, backing the team or whatever. We need you. You are the club. The club is you.

  1. Name
    The name of the club was put to a vote by all those who had pledged support. On a closing date of June 13th the result was overwhelmingly in favour of Football Club United of Manchester.
  2. Company
    FCUM will be an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS). This is the model supported by Supporters Direct who have helped us in setting up. This means that:
    • Every member has a vote.
    • The board of Directors will be elected by the membership on a one member one vote basis.
    • Any surplus will be reinvested in the club.

    This decision will be ratified by the EGM where a fuller explanation of what this means and why it is beneficial to us will be made.
    The company was formed following the Steering Committee’s development and adoption of a viable business plan for the club’s first year.
  3. The Board
    The Steering Group of FCUM is just that, a steering group to get the club established in time for the 2005/06 season. The Board of FCUM will be elected at the EGM by its members. The Steering Group invited nominations to stand to be received by June 28th and all those that did are up to be elected at the EGM.
  4. FA Registration
    FC United of Manchester was registered as a bone fide football club with the Manchester County Football Association on June 14th 2005. We would like to thank the Manchester FA for their help.
  5. League
    FCUM was accepted to play in the Moore and Company Solicitors Construction League Second Division (North West Counties League) from the start of the coming 2005/06 season at their AGM on Saturday June 18th 2005. We would like to thank the League officals and all its members for their help.
  6. Pledges
    The Steering Group asked Manchester United fans to back the proposed new club. We set up a web-based pledge system through which thousands of people have pledged support and donated money to the club. To date over £100,000 has been donated to help the cost of starting FCUM.
  7. Members
    All those who have pledged and/or paid a donation to help FCUM get off the ground will be a founding member of the club, a member for the 2005/06 season and eligible to vote at the EGM.
  8. Manager
    The Steering Group appointed Karl Marginson and assistant Phil Power to be the first manager of FCUM on Wednesday 22nd June.
  9. Trials
    The Steering Group and the management team held public trials for the team on Sunday 26th June at Manchester University. This was advertised through the press and website and over 900 people applied, way over what we could cope with on the day. An initial selection was made by the management on the basis of experience and 205 people were eventually trialled, with 18 going forward to pre-season training with the squad.
  10. Ground
    FC United of Manchester have reached a ground share agreement, which is currently subject to final legal tweaking. We have explored every opportunity in the Greater Manchester area and this option provides us with the necessary requirements. Ahead of the final legalities the Steering Committee is not able to officially announce the venue, but we trust that the club’s Board will be able to do so within the next couple of days.
  11. Strip
    The Steering Group have extensively explored a number of options and we now have a kit supplier who will provide home, away and training kits, as well as produce replicas for sale. FC United of Manchester will have a home strip of red shirts and white shorts; and an away strip of white and black top and black shorts.
  12. Badge
    The Steering Group have considered a number of options for badges and consulted with a wide range of people. For the EGM we have produced mock-ups of 3 badge designs which, as a democratic club, we will ask the members to vote on as the official club badge.
  13. Website
    The Steering Committee have constructed a web site as the main vehicle for communicating with members at very short notice. This site is now being expanded with news and discussion features and is at www.fc-utd.co.uk
The Steering Group is:  
Luc Zentar
Andy Walsh
Vasco Wackrill
Jules Spencer
Phil Sheeran
Tony Pritchard
John-Paul O’Neill
Peter Munday
Martin Morris
Tony Jordan
Andrew Howse
Russell Delaney
Adam Brown
Robert Brady
Phil Bedford
Mike Adams

FC United of Manchester can be contacted via:
FC United,
Suite 80,
792 Wilmslow Rd,
M20 6UG

461 Standing Orders have been set up so far, raising 53,148 for our Development Fund.
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